Launched in early 2022, EAIDB exists to enable responsible AI startups.

We methodically source, categorize, and research responsible AI enablement solutions.

Our goal is to provide transparency into what is an otherwise opaque and nascent (though direly needed) industry. We provide differentiation between companies that solve problems with AI and companies that solve the problems of AI. We conduct market research on behalf of founders, investors, policymakers, governments, and the general public. We're fully independent, transparent, and objective.

We actively drive value for those in the space, both within and outside of the database.

  1. Lead & Sales Sourcing
  2. We've heard from several of our constituent companies that EAIDB's transparency and ability to filter, search, and compare companies within the same solution space has helped clients find products that match their needs.

  3. Investment Sourcing
  4. EAIDB has drawn attention from VC firms and founders alike and have exercised our unique ability to make connections between the two parties on more than one occasion.

  5. Marketing and Promotion
  6. EAIDB has over 2,100 followers on LinkedIn and has received over 3,000 downloads on our various reports. We attract attention from the public, policymakers, founders, and investors alike.

  7. Market Research
  8. As a fully independent organization, EAIDB sits in a place of objectivity and methodical approaches. We do market research on behalf of governments and organizations to investigate and identify market opportunities, profile companies, and offer in-depth comparisons of technology used.

We're a small team with a lot of heart.

Abhinav Raghunathan, Founder

Vanguard Data Science

Abhinav is a data scientist for Vanguard's Investment Management Fintech Strategies division. Prior, he earned a Master's in Data Science from UPenn and two Bachelor's in Mathematics and Computational Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. He is a published TEDx speaker and frequently writes on topics within ethical AI including algorithmic bias / fairness.

Venkat Raghavan, Advisor

Benhamou Global Ventures

Venkat is a Partner at Benhamou Global Ventures. Prior to BGV, Venkat was the Vice President for Strategic Business Development at IBM Research where he incubated and deployed early-stage research technologies into IBM's AI, Cloud and Blockchain Offerings. He focuses on trends in software like: Programmable Cloud, Enterprise Ethical AI, and Privacy / Security.

Emmanuel Benhamou, Advisor

Ethical AI Governance Group

Emmanuel serves as Managing Director for the Ethical AI Governance Group (EAIGG). He also leads Strategic Communications and Policy efforts for BGV, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on global Enterprise 4.0 technology innovation, meaning a new wave of B2B startups that combine artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, and proprietary access to data to deliver actionable insights for enterprise businesses.

Ash Tutika, Advisor

Ethical AI Governance Group

Ash is currently the Chief of Staff to the CEO at Arena, a Charles River Ventures & Craft Ventures portfolio company. He also supports the Ethical AI Governance Group, a non-profit community of AI investors, executives and technologists working to open-source best practices for responsible AI.

Katharina Koerner, Contributor

Tech Diplomacy Network

Katharina is an AI governance and privacy professional with a wealth of experience in AI strategy and responsible AI operationalization. She currently leads AI governance at Western Governer's University (WGU), but has prior experience with the IAPP and several privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) startups.

EAIDB works with EAIGG and BGV to extensively study this ecosystem.